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Learning and Teaching Scotland Resources



SQA Past Papers 2013 Higher Art & Design
Revision Guides
Websites and electronic resources
cover Higher and Advanced Higher Notes

Art History Resources on the Web

Center for Cultural Technology

Gateway to Art History

National Art Library, V&A Museum

Worldwide Arts Resources

Art History Abroad: AS & A2

Links around the world

Art links for teachers and educators Portal site for arts resources. Online art guide. The Louvre. The Georges Pompidou Centre. Russia's Hermitage. The Berlin State Museums. Van Gogh. National Gallery.

National Galleries of Scotland. Tate Gallery. Museum of Modern Art.


Revision Notes for Higher Biology

The Complete A-Z Biology

New Higher Biology

Notes for Higher and Standard Grade

Higher Biology Revision Notes ~Andrew Morton



Questions in Higher Biology

Higher Human Biology with Answers

Higher Grade Human Biology Essays Guide

The Biology Site of Sites

CD-ROM: A level 2001-2002 Guide to the human body

Science and Plants Virtual frog dissection

..webwise/spinneret biology tutorials

Business Studies

Business Studies

SQA Past Papers 2014-2015 Higher Business Management Useful Links



Salters Higher Chemistry: Teacher Book

Higher Grade Chemistry Revision Notes

Assessment Tests for Higher Grade Chemistry

Higher and Advanced Higher Notes

Guide to Higher Chemistry - Higher Still

Revision Questions for Higher Chemistry


Guide to Higher Chemistry

Lessons in chemistry


SQA Past Papers 2014-2015 Higher Chemistry

Computer Studies

Higher National Computing

Higher Grade Computing Studies Revision Notes

Higher and Advanced Higher Notes 




Dictionary of Computing. The Reference Desk. Yale University's Lube



 Performance Power

Contemporary Scottish Plays

The Director and the Stage

The Twentieth Century Performance Reader

The Drama Handbook

English Server Drama Collection ...

The Drama teacher's Resource Room

Creative Drama and Theatre Education Site

American Drama

The WWW Library for Theatre and Drama




AS & A2 Level Economics Revision

Tutor2u - A2 Economics Revision Guide 2002


Oxford School of Learning

resources for economics and business studies

economics, business studies and politics


Higher and Advanced Higher Notes

Language Skills for Higher Grade English

Practice in Textual Analysis



Study Guides from York

Study Guides sorted by Level

../~mgroves/index.shtml Luminarium

../women/wlit.html Women

Victorian literature portal. English in the UK .

UK's National Literacy. Brontë Student Project Gutenberg Bartleby Library Bibliomania

../metaphysical.htm Metaphysical poets. poetry

Virtual seminars for teaching literature.

James Joyce portal.

Iris Murdoch portal.

Intermediate 2 and Higher English Course Notes

SQA Past Papers 2014-2015 Higher French

French Grammar Made Easy 

Mot a Mot

Higher and Advanced Higher Notes

The Modern Languages Directory

AS/A2 level intensive Language revision

Massive language portal site. Travel and languages.

Learn modern European languages. Early Language Learning. French radio stations. bilingual teaching site. French teaching resources. French dictionary . French song lyrics French ’zine.

Higher French Past Papers


The A-Z of Geography

Higher Geography: Applications

Higher and Advanced Higher Notes

Core Higher Geography

Pass Higher Geography

SQA Past Papers 2010-2014 Higher Geography


S-Cool! - AS & A2 Level Geography Revision UK Met Office.

The Times Series A Level Geography geography and science. Royal Geographical Society. Ordnance Survey online. Volcano World volcanoes.



Wort fur Wort

Advanced German Vocabulary


See also French for generic and megasites

German dictionary and lessons

German grammar and pronounciation

.../hs/links/german.html magazine for young women.

Passing Higher History: Skills for Success ~ Ian Matheson Price: £7.99

SQA Past Papers 2014-2015 Higher History

Higher and Advanced Higher Notes The Ancient World Web . First World War World War II.

World War Two

German Propaganda Archive.

..worldwar2 World War Two

../holocaust the Holocaust.

../histholo.html Holocaust portal. Extensive Holocaust portal. Holocaust Holocaust


Basic Knowledge Higher Maths

Hodder Maths Higher Textbook

Maths in Action: preparation for assessment


Questions in Higher Maths

Madras School in Fife

Interactive maths lessons


Chris Vick's Online Tutoring

Royal Grammar School, Newcastle

 A level revision site

The Times Series A Level Pure Maths

..scied/science.html Maths and science

..oundlesch/mlink.html Maths portal History of maths

..mathguys/mercindx.htm Chance in the news.

..Fibonacci Fibonacci numbers and nature.

..infinity Hotel Infinity: infinity and paradoxes.

Innovation in Mathematics Education

..~mmania Mathmania site. - NRICH online maths club. Smile Mathematics

SQA Past Papers in Intermediate 1 Mathematics: Plus Specimen Question Papers

SQA Past Papers 2014-2015 Higher Mathematics

Media Studies

Communication, Cultural and Media Studies: the Key Concepts

Communication, cultural and media studies

The A level Media Studies Page

Link Collection British Film Institute

scripts and transcripts for film and TV.

Beginner's guide to film production.

The Internet Movie Database. for film lovers. Launch site for film reviews. UK film review site.

Modern Studies




International Issues: for Revised Higher Modern Studies

SQA Past Papers 2014-2015 Higher Modern Studies



Higher Modern Studies Past Papers



Complete Class Music from Leckie and Leckie Music teaching . music teaching site. New Musical Express online.


Basic Knowledge Higher Physics

Progressive Problems Higher Physics

Higher Grade Physics Revision Notes

Questions in Higher Physics


AS/A2 revision notes

....physics1/Syllabus.htm Institute of Physics . The Physics Factory.

Particle Adventure - particles and forces.


Psychology: the Science of Mind and Behaviour

Psychology: the Science of Mind and Behaviour: Study Guide

Higher Psychology: Approaches and Methods


AS/A2 Study materials

A downloadable E-book for AS revision

Psychology in the news

Religious Studies
Access to Religious Studies

Religious studies at all levels

../re/gcse/revbook/default.htm Ship of Fools Hindu Universe. IslamiCity Judaism 101 Sikhism portal


Sociology Alive!

The A-Z of Sociology

Tony Giddens Sociology

Introductory Sociology



A sociology timeline

School Sociology: AS and A2 Revision

An essential course in modern spanish   .

Learn Spanish

Spanish Language Exercises

Sport & PE
.   cover .





Generic Educational Websites





Online Course Providers/Tutor Support
A mega-resource for History





Useful Links
The National Grid for Learning Scotland Scottish Council for Research in Education (SCRE)
New Community Schools Association of Scottish Colleges (ASC)
Scottish Parliament Scottish Virtual Teachers' Centre
Scottish Qualifications Authority SCRAN
The Open University in Scotland BBC Education Scotland
Children in Scotland British Council - Scotland
Scottish Learning Network Learning and Teaching Scotland




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